Face Time with Minister Alain St Ange on beach and hotel access

Many, even some hospitality industry pundits, thought that the growth of the 5 star hotel segment in Seychelles was a one day wonder. But up-market establishments really seem to be the next big thing for our tourism industry, with new 5 star hotels on the cards and other older establishments ratcheting up their game through refurbishments and re-branding.

The sun, sea and sand marketing formula has dominated the entire tourism spectrum in Seychelles since the 70’s and is still the dominant brand positioning.

As I pointed out back in 1995 in the book “Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Seychelles”, the sun, sea and sand paradigm is difficult to get away from because the typical European tourist is a runaway from the cold. And, as I said in the book, “heat-seeking tourists are beach-seeking tourists.” This has led to hotels being constructed on the sea front so as to get “windows and doors to the beach”. Continue reading “Face Time with Minister Alain St Ange on beach and hotel access”