FAT – Missing From The SIDS Agenda

As Small Island Developing States (SIDS) representatives meet this week in Seychelles to prepare for the small island summit to be held in Samoa next year, I propose they focus on FAT. FAT?? Yes, you heard right. FAT. And its missing from the agenda!!

SIDS hold some of the fattest people on the planet and that alone is threatening their sustainability. SIDS have topped the fat charts for some time – the 5 most overweight nations have been SIDS. A new study by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)  reveals this is still the case. The world’s fattest nation, Nauru boasts a 71.1 % obesity rate. Latest data shows that almost 74% of women and about 64% of men in Seychelles are overweight with more than 25% of the adult population being obese. Yet, the FAO representative who made a presentation this week at the preparatory meeting in Seychelles did not once mention his own organisation’s report as related to obesity in SIDS. Continue reading “FAT – Missing From The SIDS Agenda”